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Payment Options

We accept the following methods of payment:


  •  Cash – Check – Debit Card
  •  Visa – MasterCard – Discover Card
  •  Assignment of verified insurance
  •  Advance Payment by a forwarding or receiving Funeral Home


It is our responsibility to direct surviving family and responsible individuals toward reasonable consideration of the financial responsibility they accept when entering into contracts for goods and services that the funeral home provides. We do not want a family to spend more than they are able, and we want to help you arrange a service that is in keeping with your wishes and budget. 


It is the policy of Gillies Funeral Home that all contract agreements for at-need services be paid in full by the scheduled time of services/final disposition.  A 2% discount on non-discounted services and casket will be given if paid in full by either cash or check before the day of scheduled services/final disposition. The amount of the discount will be shown on the statement of goods and services provided at the conclusion of arrangements.  However, the discount for early payment cannot be given when paying by credit cards because of credit card fees.